This webinar is a part of the CCI Europe’s Gold Webinar Series.

Title: Advance your knowledge: What are ESCPs?
Speakers: Lejla Kameric, CCI Europe Committee Member & ePAG, Dr. PhD Maria Otth, Chair of Young SIOPE, Prof. Dr. Ruth Ladenstein, MD. MBA, CPM, Head of the S2IRP group at St. Anna Children´s Cancer Research Institute & Martin Schalling, CPMS Project Manager

In this webinar, participant learned what ESCPs are, which ESCPs currently exist, why they where developed and how they should be used. Moreover, the webinar highlighted the importance of using standardized treatment protocols, and of sharing expertise and resources between countries. Also, ways were addressed on how patient organisations can effectively lobby for the implementation of ESCPs in their countries.

Watch the recording of the webinar below: