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About our pillar:

We are the voice of the young patients in the European institutions!

  • We make sure to participate in all European initiatives and many projects of relevance to childhood cancer

  • We push a patient-centric agenda and underline our community’s needs

  • We advocate for improvements in EU legislation that have a direct impact on our community. We are in regular contact with EU policy-makers, being it representatives of the European Commission, Parliament or Council.

What we advocate for

We have been working intensively on the review of the Pharmaceutical Package (Regulation and Directive), voicing the chilhood cancer community’s concerns: more drugs, drugs that are less toxic, affordable and accessible for all.
2024 is also the year of European elections (June 6th -9th).
CCI-E and SIOPE put forward their manifesto, highlighting our community’s priorities and policy needs for the next mandate (2024-2029), to raise awareness on childhood cancer challenges and to ask for the commitment of the incoming Members of the European Parliament and other policy-makers, such as the European Commission and Council. Click here to know more about our priorities!

We are a transversal pillar!
We support the strategy of other pillars through European initiatives:

 Advance innovative, more efficient and kinder treatments
  • Horizon Europe

  • Cancer Mission

  • EU4Health

  • Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

  • Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe (Orphan and Paediatric Regulations)

  • European Health Data Space

  • Regulation on Health Technology Assessment

Improve standards of care and raise the standards in all countries across Europe (fight inequalities)
  • ERN PaedCan

  • Cross Border Healthcare Directive

  • Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

  • Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe

  • European Health Data Space

  • European Care Strategy

Improve long-term follow up care and socio-economic rights
  • Cancer Survivor Smart Card

  • Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan (European Network of Youth Cancer Survivors)

  • Right to be Forgotten

Ensure the implementation of the standards of psychosocial care across Europe and improve research in the area
  • Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan (European Network of Youth Cancer Survivors)

  • A comprehensive approach to Mental Health

This is us!

The European Affairs Pillar meets 45 minutes a week (at 8.15h every Friday!).

Members based in Brussels also have additional meetings over the week to prepare the Pillar’s work and monthly meetings with SIOPE to coordinate our initiatives.

The Pillar members represent CCI-E on regular events with EU officials or during webinars or presentations.

European Affairs Pillar team

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