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CCI Europe and MedUni Vienna to Host Signing of Declaration on Mental and Psychosocial Health for Youth Cancer Survivors

Find the full Press Release in English and in German.

Vienna, 25.6.2024 — Childhood Cancer International Europe (CCI-E) and the Medical University of Vienna (MedUni Vienna) are set to host a landmark event on Thursday 28.6.2024 at 12:30 pm at Albert Hall. Prominent figures from the medical, political, and nonprofit sectors will sign the Declaration for psychosocial care for youth cancer survivors. This declaration emphasizes the importance of improving mental and psychosocial health after cancer at a young age and proposes a set of actions in that direction.

This policy event is the third in Europe, after the successful ones in Vilnius, Lithuania and Barcelona, Spain and it is part of the EU-funded European Network of Youth Survivors (EU-CAYAS-NET) project as part of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. The Symposium will focus on challenges related to mental health and psychosocial care after cancer in childhood, adolescent and young adult, and will highlight key outcomes of EU-CAYAS-NET to tackle these challenges in our health care system. The event will feature speeches, messages, and round table discussions from leading experts in pediatric oncology, mental health, and advocacy, as well as national politicians and representatives of the European Commission.

CCI-E advocates for a Europe where every child with cancer receives the best care and having access to optimal psychosocial care for every European childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer survivor is a crucial part of it.

Carina Schneider from CCI Europe:

Mental and psychosocial consequences of cancer at a young age are still often underestimated or even neglected. Comprehensive, age adequate psychosocial care needs to be part of follow-up care for Survivors of childhood, adolescent, and young adult cancer. Together with the relevant stakeholders we have to ensure to put the right structures in place to provide the support which is needed. And this is what we hope to initiate with the Vienna Declaration.

Join us in this pivotal moment as we strive to bring comprehensive psychosocial care to the forefront of childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer care.

Find the full Press Release in English and in German.



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