Safe passage out of Ukraine

A humanitarian corridor has been set up to allow childhood cancer patients and their families to be evacuated thanks to the tight collaboration between St. Jude Global, SIOPE and CCI Europe.

Supported childhood cancer patients from Ukraine
European countries received patients and families

What is CCI Europe’s role?


Collaboration with external partners

Frequent meetings with St.Jude and SIOPE in order to stay aligned. Read about the efforts here

Coordination with CCI Europe members

Facilitating the information flow between St.Jude and CCI Europe member-organisations

How can you help?

Our childhood cancer community from Ukraine needs you now more than ever. The best way you can support them is by donating to the Ukrainian Childhood Cancer Emergency Fund.

The Fund has been created by CCI Europe in order to support our Ukrainian childhood cancer community. CCI Europe will in full transparency allocate funds where they are most needed:

  • Travelling: fleeing Ukraine, regrouping families, travelling back home
  • Medical: pharmaceutical or medical supplies, drugs, cancer treatment (if not covered by the state’s health insurance)
  • Housing: pay of rent, hotel, parents house for families of children with cancer from Ukraine (if not covered by local NGO’s)
  • Daily expenses: food, clothes, hygiene goods
  • Others such as translation costs etc.
  • Coordination helpline: contact point for all refugee patients and NGOs
For all inquiries regarding Ukraine (for example donations, offering accomodation and other ways of support),

please write to

News and updates

Here you can get latest and important updates: