CCI Europe strives towards providing our member-organisations, and our community, the most useful and practical resources.
This page will regularly be updated with such.

Materials from members

The documents, leaflets and more are categorized by country and sometimes available in the respective country’s language,
as well as Ukrainian:


Chemo Casper

Paperback book explaining the process of chemo-therapy in a child’s language, with lots of colourfull drawings, made by FMKB.

Used in all the Childhood cancer treatment facilities in Denmark and Norway to explain children what is going on in they’re body, and why it necessary to receive Chemo-therapy.
Now available in Ukrainian language.

Please send mail to: for requests or orders regarding this book.


Edition of WIR by Deutsche Kinder Krebs Stiftung

Importance of a collaborative work during a crisis was highlighted. in this edition of WIR, published and created by Deutsche Kinder Krebs Stiftung,

DKKS in this edition lists more resources that can be useful to you.

Read here the full ariticle (in German).


Ukraine Hotline in Italy by Soleterre and Zaporuka

This is a hotline in Italy to share with families on treatment in Italy, managed by Soleterre and Zaporuka.

Download the flyer here.



Unicorn Clinic “Welcome Brochure”

This is official “Welcome Brochure” from the Unicorn Clinic in Poland, with essential info for incoming families to the Unicorn Clinic.

Download the broshure here in English.

Це офіційна «Привітальна брошура» від клініки Unicorn в Польщі з важливою інформацією для сімей, які прибули до клініки Unicorn.

Завантажте брошуру англійською мовою тут.


Tabletochki – one-pager for families abroad

Tabletochki prepared a one-pager (in Ukrainian) for Ukrainian families with children with cancer who are currently abroad.

Enumerated are the types of help Tabletochki is ready to provide (financial assistance, online psychological counselling, back transfer to Ukraine, etc.), contact details, as well as the Polish hotline details.

Download the flyer here.



Picture Dictionary

Here you can download a free picture dictionary, created to make communciation easier for families you are welcoming. You have several languages to choose from. Link here.

Visual resources for children and their families facing childhood cancer by Angus Olsen

20 books on various pediatric oncology subjects that are available in many languages, as well as Ukrainian. Take a look at them! Link Here.

In case you have resources to share, please contact

Here you can find information about how to help:

Language interpretation tools

All the tools are sorted by

  • Title
  • Type of resource
  • Explanation
  • Language
  • Year of creation
  • Authors
  • Link

Azar (Android | iOS)

  • downloadable learning App
  • The application for communication with foreigners. It helps improve your knowledge of
  • English, French or Portuguese when you communicate with native speakers. There is a function of a video chat video connection with people
  • 2023
  • Hyperconnect LLC

Language barriers and the use of professional interpreters: a national multisite cross-sectional survey in pediatric oncology care

  • Publication
  • This study is a national multisite cross-sectional survey aiming to investigate communication over language barriers in pediatric oncology care. The authors conclude that healthcare personnel seem to believe that professional interpreters are crucial when caring for patients and family members who do not speak the majority language, but there is an obvious discrepancy between this belief and their use of professional interpreters.
  • English
  • 2019
  • Johanna Granhagen Jungner, Elisabet Tiselius, Klas Blomgren, Kim Lützén, Pernilla Pergert

I Draw Childhood Cancer

Language Identification Flashcard

  • Downloadable PDF
  • This is a list of the same phrase “Mark this box if you read or speak …” in different languages. It can be used to identify which language an individual is speaking
  • 38 languages
  • 2010
  • U.S. Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistic Administration, U.S. Census Bureau

Picture Dictionaries

  • Website with downloadable PDF
  • This project was created to simplify communication for refugees and volunteers who help them. It is a collection of drawings that illustrate everyday objects and activities. Each image is accompanied by the word or phrase in several languages.
  • Compinations of 18 languages with Ukrainian
  • 2022
  • Carlotta Klee
  • Link

Patients’ Rights in the European Union

Working with Interpreters

  • Webpage
  • This is a resource developed by CORE that provides guidance on working effectively with interpreters. The Cultural Orientation Resource Exchange (CORE), a technical assistance program, connects and supports refugee resettlement staff globally to deliver effective Cultural Orientation which helps refugees and Special Immigrant Visa holders achieve self-sufficiency in the United States.Through CORE, Cultural Orientation providers can participate in online and in-person learning opportunities, download resources to deliver Cultural Orientation, utilize refugee resources in multiple languages and multimedia formats.
  • English
  • active
  • International Rescue Committee

Refugee Health: Language Access

Communication resources for Ukraine refugees

  • Webpage with printable PDF
  • This is a collection of communication resources for Ukrainian refugees, including General Communication, Medical Communication, School Communication Boards. They are based on drawings that illustrate everyday objects and activities. Each image is accompanied by the word or phrase in several languages.
  • Combination of 15 languages with Ukrainian
  • 2023
  • Tobii Dynavox


  • downloadable translation App “DeepL (Android | iOS)DeepL (Android | iOS)
    Description: Translate into 29 languages with a fast and accurate text translator. DeepL Translate is the go-to translation app for translating text, speech, images, and files in 29 languages. Millions of people use it every day to communicate and overcome language barriers. Start using it today for free, fast, and highly accurate translations.
  • 29 languages
  • 2018
  • DeepL was founded by Jaroslaw Kutylowski and is operated by DeepL SE in Cologne, Germany

Say.Hi. (Android | iOS)

  • downloadable translation App
  • Description:
    It comes with a camera translation feature, It can translate text messages, voice, as well as conversational translations. It is also capable of copying and sharing translated texts through email, SMS and social media. When you translate speech, the voice output can be set to male or female and can be slowed down for easier emulation. This is a great feature for those who want to learn how to speak a new language. For learning on the go, install this app on your apple watch! This feature-rich translator could use an offline mode, though, just like most other major translator apps and also features alternative translations.
    Free translation app for Android and iOS
    Supports text and speech translations in 90 languages
    Camera translation capable of translating some Asian characters
    Can translate and copy translations across apps
  • 101 languages
  • 2021
  •, Inc. or its affiliates

Speak and Translate

  • downloadable translation App
  • Description: Voice translator communication without language barriers. This translator will turn your mobile device into a simultaneous interpreter, which is always with you. Travel, communicate, hold business negotiations with Speak and Translate. In any country as at home! Voice translator automatically detects and converts speech into one of 100 foreign languages. Want to go to another country, but do not know whether there will be online? Not a problem – save favorite phrases in Favorites and pronounce them offline. Learn languages, check your pronunciation or use Speak and Translate as a dictionary or phrasebook. Traveling around the world with it without knowing the language is not a problem anymore! Supports text translations in 117 languages and speech translations in 54 languages
  • 100 languages
  • 2022

ITranslate (Android | iOS)

  • downloadable translation App
  • Description:
    iTranslate enables travelers, students, business professionals, employers and medical staff to read, write and speak in over 100 languages, anywhere in the world. This is one of the best free translation apps and language dictionary apps that can translate text messages, voice-to-voice, as well as text-to-voice translations. With more than 100 languages supported, iTranslate is a handy communication tool to have as you travel to different parts of the world. The user-friendly interface also means the tool is effortless to use even on smaller devices like your apple watch.
    iTranslate is loaded with a good deal of useful features including transliteration, alternative translations, translation sharing, the ability to keep favorites and history of translations, as well as male and female translation voices. Additionally, this app features a visual dictionary and a phrasebook.
    iTranslate allows you to translate text, websites and start voice conversations. You can also lookup words, their meanings and conjugate verbs.
  • 100 languages
  • 2023
  • iTranslate GmbH

TripLingo (Android | iOS)

  • downloadable translation App
  • TripLingo is the ultimate tool for international travelers. Learn essential phrases, instantly translate your voice or connect to a live translator, get a crash course on the local culture and so much more. TripLingo is like an interactive phrasebook that comes with an instant speech translator. It is designed to address virtually everything a traveler needs when going to a country with a different language.
    Aside from its ability to translate into 19 languages, it provides a phrasebook with scores of thousands of entries in 13 languages. The app provides professionally recorded translation audios along with standard written pronunciation guides. It also comes with an offline dictionary, language learning audio lessons, as well as flashcards, and quizzes.
    Other features useful for travelers are TripLingo’s tip calculator, currency converter, and other things
    Voice translator
    Learning tools
    Cultural notes
    Travel tools
  • 19 languages
  • 2023
  • TripLingo, LLC

Microsoft Translator (Android | iOS)

  • downloadable translation App
  • Description: Another translation app heavyweight, Microsoft Translator, is one of the many free translation apps capable of translating text, voice, conversation, and image translations. It can perform both online and offline translations in more than 60 languages. Just like Google Translate, though, you need to download language packs to enable offline use.
    This app’s image translation feature can analyze images taken by a device’s camera, photos uploaded to it, as well as screenshots to detect texts and generate the desired translations. It also comes with its proprietary multi-person conversation translation feature, which allows up to 100 people who speak different languages to communicate through the app, with their voices automatically interpreted.
    Microsoft Translator, moreover, has a rich phrasebook as well as pronunciation guides, which are useful for those who want to learn how to speak essential foreign language phrases often encountered during travels. You can hear translated phrases out loud or view transliterations to help you speak and remember foreign words or phrases better. Additionally, this app is capable of sharing translations with other apps and doing text translations while accessing other apps through the context menu.
    The camera/image translation feature in Microsoft Translator is nothing new, but it works really well. It’s not perfect, but it’s one of the best implementations of this technology.
  • Supports text translations in 133 languages and speech translation
  • 2023
  • Microsoft

Translate (Android | iOS)

  • downloadable translation App
  • Description: Translate is a powerful language translation mobile application that supports 95 languages when online. Offline, the app remains useful as it can also perform translations to English from the following languages: French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. When it comes to speech translation, Translate does not come close to rivaling the big guns as it only supports four languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Turkish. Nevertheless, the app can be made to read aloud the text translations it generates. Supports text translations in 95 languages, speech translation in 4 languages, and camera translations in 12 languages.
    Allows website translation
  • Supports 95 languages, 12languages in camera translations
  • 2023
  • Google LLC

Duolingo (Android | iOS)

  • downloadable learning App
  • Duolingo helps to improve your knowledge with English lessons. In Duolingo you can train your English through games, different questions and doing exercises. Contain of different topics
  • English/Ukrainian
  • 2012
  • Duolingo, Inc

Babbel (Android | iOS)

  • downloadable learning App
  • Babbel Language Courses for Ukrainians Recognized with Anthem Award. It is a very interesting application where you are learning English through cards. You can create your options or choose other users’ variants. As a result you extend your vocabulary, learn new topics, fill knowledge gaps. From app lessons to live online classes to games, videos, podcasts and more, with Babbel you’ll do more than learn to speak a language. You’ll start to truly understand every aspect of it. Because language is more than just words – it’s culture, history, people, places. Start learning with Babbel, and who knows where you’ll end up.
    The program proposes to learn 13 languages. Every lesson lasts about 15 minutes. Also you can train your pronunciation. For that in Babbel implemented a speech-recognition technology”
  • 13 languages
  • 2023
  • Babbel GmBH

Quizlet (Android | iOS)

  • downloadable learning App
  • It is a very interesting application where you are learning English through cards. You can create your options or choose other users’ variants. As a result you extend your vocabulary, learn new topics, fill knowledge gaps
  • 11 languages
  • 2023
  • Quizlet, Inc

Basuu (Android | iOS)

  • downloadable learning App
  • The program gives you the opportunity to learn any of 12 languages. In application you can choose any course for learning, work or travel. There are different levels of difficulties. Also you can practice your language with native speakers.
  • 12 languages
  • 2023
  • Busuu Ltd

Italki (Android | iOS)

  • downloadable learning App On this platform you can learn more than 10 languages directly with tutors. A lesson will last from 30 till 90 minutes. In addition you can communicate with other members of this community, discuss news or different interesting topics.
  • 150 languages
  • 2022
  • italki HK Limited

Preply (Android | iOS)

  • downloadable learning App
  • The service helps you improve knowledge in any of 15 different languages. There are different functions like calendar of lessons, vocabulary, test and chat.
  • 15 languages
  • 2012-2023
  • Preply Inc.

Azar (Android | iOS)

  • downloadable learning App
  • The application for communication with foreigners. It helps improve your knowledge of English, French or Portuguese when you communicate with native speakers. There is a function of a video chat video connection with people
  • 2023
  • Hyperconnect LLC