We have gathered resources to support our community during the Ukrainian crisis. Here you can find information addressed to Ukrainian families, but also material to help our member organisations in hosting countries.

If you have resources to share, email us: ukraine@ccieurope.eu

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Information for Ukraine families

Unicorn Clinic “Welcome Brochure”
The official “Welcome Brochure” from the Unicorn Clinic in Poland, with essential info for incoming families to the Unicorn Clinic.
Download the brochure in English.

Це офіційна «Привітальна брошура» від клініки Unicorn в Польщі з важливою інформацією для сімей, які прибули до клініки Unicorn.
Завантажте брошуру англійською мовою тут.

1-pager for Ukrainian families abroad
Tabletochki prepared a 1-pager with important information for Ukrainian families with children with cancer who are currently abroad.
Download the flyer in Ukrainian.

Ukraine Hotline in Italy
Soleterre and Zaporuka manage the hotline for families receiving treatment in Italy. Call:

  • +39800301050 to speak in Italian.
  • +380681403983 to speak in Ukrainian or Polish.

Find out more in the hotline flyer.

Visual resources for Ukraine refugees

Picture Dictionaries
Download free picture dictionaries covering different aspects of everyday life (food, clothing, sports, shopping, family etc.) to better communicate with families coming from Ukraine.
Find dictionaried for 18 languages into Ukrainian.

Communication boards
Download different communication boards based on simple pictures, to communicate from 15 languages into Ukrainian. Choose between the General Communication, Medical Communication and School Communication Boards.

Resources for hosting countries

Language Identification Flashcard
A simple flashcard to help you identify which of 38 languages an individual speaks.
Download the flashcard developed by the US Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistic Administration, US Census Bureau.

Working with Interpreters
Find tips on how to work with interpreters, but also tips for interpreters delivering cultural orientation developed on the Cultural Orientation Resource Exchange website (CORE).

Refugee Health: Language Access
The US National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC) has developed Best practices for communicating through an Interpreter and has also prepared FAQs about health care interpreting.

Children books about cancer

Chemo Casper
A book explaining what cancer is and how chemotherapy works, using children’s language and lots of colourful drawings.
It has been published by our member-organisation FMKB and you can download the e-book or PDF in Danish and English. The paperback is available in Danish, English and Ukrainian. To order copies, send an email at info@fmkb.dk.


I Draw Childhood Cancer
Visual resources for children and their families facing childhood cancer developed by Angus Olsen. A collection of children’s books that illustrate and explain in a simple and colourful way the experience of having cancer and receiving treatment.
Several of them are available in over 25 languages. Choose your language and download a free copy in PDF.

Interpretation / Translation apps

How it works: Downloadable translation app for translating text, speech, images and files.
Operating system: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
Language: 29 languages.
Download the app: https://www.deepl.com/en/app/

How it works: Downloadable translation app for translating text messages, voice, as well as conversational translations.
Operating system: Android and iOS.
Language: 101 languages and dialects.
Download the app: https://www.sayhi.com/en/translate/

Speak and Translate
How it works: Downloadable voice translator that turns your mobile device into a simultaneous interpreter.
Operating system: Android and iOS.
Language: 100 languages.
Download the app: http://www.speak-and-translate.com/

How it works: Text, voice, camera and offline translation. You can also lookup words, their meanings and conjugate verbs. Available as a mobile or web app.
Operating system: Android and iOS, and web app.
Language: 100 languages.
Download the app: https://itranslate.com/

Microsoft Translator
How it works: Translated conversations across devices, for one-on-one chats and for larger group interactions. Speak or type in your language to communicate with other participants in the conversation. Other participants will see your messages in their own language.
Operating system: Android and iOS.
Language: 133 languages.
Download the app: https://translator.microsoft.com/

 Google translate
How it works: Text, image, documents and website translation.
Operating system: access on browser.
Language: 95 languages.
Download the app: https://translate.google.com/

Language learning apps

How it works: Language courses, employing games, different questions and exercises.
Operating system: Android and iOS.
Language: Several language combinations.
Download the app: https://en.duolingo.com/courses/all

How it works: Learn everything you need to have real world conversations in a new language, from vocab words to culture, with 10 minutes a day.
Operating system: Android and iOS.
Language: 13 languages.
Download the app: https://www.babbel.com/mobile

How it works: Learn languages through flashcards and practice tests. You can create your options or choose other users’ variants.
Operating system: Android and iOS.
Language: 11 languages.
Download the app: https://quizlet.com/subjects/languages-flashcards-cc6078dc-t01

How it works: Online learning tool that teaches you how to build sentences, nail pronunciation and speak with confidence. Features different levels of difficulty. Also you can practice with native speakers.
Operating system: Android and iOS.
Language: 12 languages.
Download the app: https://www.busuu.com/

How it works: Take customizable 1-on-1 lessons trusted by millions of users, learn from certified teachers that fit your budget and schedule, and connect with a global community of language learners.
Operating system: Android and iOS.
Language: 150 languages.
Download the app: https://www.italki.com/en

How it works: Improve knowledge in any of 15 different languages, through different functions like calendar of lessons, vocabulary, test and chat.
Operating system: Android and iOS.
Language: 15 languages.
Download the app: https://translator.microsoft.com/ https://preply.com/

Articles and reports

Patients’ Rights in the European Union
An EU Commission Report providing an overview of patients’ rights in all EU Member States, Norway and Iceland, by mapping national patients’ rights legislation, soft-law, structures and enforcement procedures ensuring the rights of patients.
Download the report in English.

Article in WIR magazine by Deutsche Kinder Krebs Stiftung
The WIR magazine, published by Deutsche Kinder Krebs Stiftung, hosted an article highlighting the importance of working together during a crisis, drawing on the Ukrainian experience.
Download the article in German.

Language barriers and the use of professional interpreters: a national multisite cross-sectional survey in pediatric oncology care
This study is a national multisite cross-sectional survey aiming to investigate communication over language barriers in pediatric oncology care in Sweden.
The authors concluded that healthcare personnel seem to believe that professional interpreters are crucial when caring for patients and family members who do not speak the majority language, but there is an obvious discrepancy between this belief and their use of professional interpreters.
Read the full article.