CCI Europe is the European branch of Childhood Cancer International (CCI)

CCI Europe is the biggest pan-European childhood cancer parents’ and survivors’ organisation. It represents childhood cancer parents´ and survivors´ groups and other childhood cancer organisations.

CCI Europe reunites all the CCI European members organizations: 67 member-organisations in 30 countries to:

  • share knowledge and experiences

  • offer education and disseminate information

  • advocate for the rights and needs of childhood cancer patients and survivors;

  • raise awareness about childhood cancer

  • actively engage and partner in research and development

  • provide assistance and guidance to establish local/national organisations and groups

Childhood Cancer Survivors
Member-organisations in 30 countries
children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer each year


CCI Europe believes that all children with cancer, no matter where they live in Europe deserve the best possible treatment and care.


35,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer each year and more than 6,000 die out of this condition. Due to the advances in treatment and care, the survival rates of childhood cancer in high income countries has increased from 30% in the 1960s to over 80% nowadays.

Unfortunately, not all children benefit from the improvements and there are substantial differences in survival rates between countries. Survival rates of childhood cancer are 20% less in Eastern European countries compared to the rest of Europe. In Low- and Middle-income countries the difference is even larger.

CCI Europe supports parents and patients from resource poor countries to receive the best treatment and care possible. Education, capacity building and the connection of parent organisations is a crucial part, next to the involvement of research and development in partnership with paediatric healthcare professionals to increase survival rates where outcomes are poor.

“It´s not over when it´s over”

The overall improvements in survival rates across Europe lead to a greater survivor’s population.

Currently, there are 300,000 – 500,000 childhood cancer survivors in Europe.

A high proportion of them are however at higher risk for dveloping diseases due to the received therapies and the cancer. Two-thirds of all childhood cancer survivors experience long-term health related problems. The medical and psychosocial healthcare professionals as well as the survivors themselves often don´t know about their late-effects. It is the aim of the CCI Europe survivors’ network to advocate about possible late effects and long-term follow-up care.


CCI Europe believes that all children with cancer, no matter where they live in Europe deserves the best possible treatment and care.


  • In 2011, the Parents and Patients Advocacy Committee (PPAC) was created within the European project ENCCA, including parents and survivors’ representatives of Childhood Cancer International (CCI) European members
  • CCI Europe Regional Committee was officially formed in 2015 representing in Europe the interests of all the CCI European members
  • In 2016 the CCI Europe Survivors Network was formed within that group, representing the interests of European Survivors.
  • Since the beginning of 2019 CCI Europe became officially the European branch of CCI. CCI Europe is working very closely with SIOP Europe and formed a formal partnership with PanCare regarding Survivorship.


If you are a patient/parent or survivor and need support or advice, remember that you are not alone.
Contact your local or national parent/survivor organisation.

Find the map with all formally registered member organisations in Europe: