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Welcome to CCI Europe’s Gold Webinars!

One of CCI Europe’s main objectives is to strengthen our member organisations and the childhood cancer community by providing up-to-date information, training and education possibilities and opportunities for networking and exchange of best practices. For this reason, we developed a one-year webinar series for patient advocates of our community: The Gold Webinars.

Here you will find all information about webinars to come. We will be updating the website continuously.

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Upcoming Gold Webinars:

Advance Your Knowledge: What could be the impact of Big Data and AI application in paediatric oncology?

In this webinar, we will delve into the transformative potential of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in paediatric oncology, exploring how these innovative approaches can help cancer research and reshape diagnostics, treatment strategies, and outcomes for children with cancer. Join us to delve into the implications, opportunities, and ethical considerations surrounding the integration of […]

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01 July 2024

The 2023 Gold Webinar Series was kindly supported by Servier.

The content of the activities was in no way influenced by third parties.
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