14th CCI Europe Conference Conclusion

The CCI Europe Conference 2024 concluded on Saturday, marking a significant step forward towards a time when all children in Europe will have equal access to the best care possible. Our conference brought together survivors, parents, patient advocates, leading researchers and healthcare professionals, to discuss the latest advancements in childhood cancer research, treatment, and support.

The conference, held from May 15 to May 18 in Milan, focused on equal access to research, treatment and care and featured a series of enlightening sessions, including keynote addresses, joint panel discussions, breakthrough research presentations, and interactive workshops.

It is the fourth time that the CCI Europe Conference was hosted in partnership with SIOP Europe, emphasising the importance of PPIE (collaborative research with the involvement of patient advocates), as well as the integration of new technologies in developing more effective and less invasive treatments for patients, and higher quality care.

In addition to formal sessions, the conference provided networking opportunities, enabling advocates to forge valuable connections and foster a supportive community committed to make a difference in the childhood cancer field.

Highlights of the conference included:

Breakthrough Research and Best Practices Presentations: Several new groundbreaking studies were unveiled, letting us have a new perspective in the areas of diagnosis, treatment, and care. The need for psychosocial and long-term follow-up care was highlighted by a variety of stakeholders, underscoring their importance as integral part of providing childhood cancer care.

The Survivors’ Experience: childhood cancer survivors and their families presented their best practices in delivering and improving research and care, showing the way towards making it more patient-centric.

• Project Collaboration: New partnerships and projects between patient groups, research institutions and health organisations were presented, aimed at accelerating the development of innovative treatments and follow up care, as well as improving patient outcomes.

• Anniversary Celebration: During the CCI Europe Networking Dinner, the participants also celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Childhood Cancer International with the presence of CCI representatives and founding members.

Once more, the Childhood Cancer International – Europe Conference provided a crucial platform for fostering collaboration between the member organisations, sharing expertise, and inspiring action. As the conference concluded, we hope that the attendees left with a renewed determination, and feeling empowered to bring back to their communities enhanced skills, knowledge, and a unified vision for the future.

For more information about the conference and the ongoing initiatives, please contact office@ccieurope.eu .