Cancer remains a leading cause of death by disease in children and adolescents

Despite the advances made, cancer remains a leading cause of death by disease in children and adolescents, and acute and long-term effects of treatment are unacceptable. In recent years, there have been revolutionary advances in research for certain adult cancers, but these have not happened for children.

Paediatric cancers and their treatments differ from adult cancers. Therefore, there is an urgent need for research projects developed specifically for children and adolescents with cancer. In the field of oncology, childhood cancer research has been lagging behind, with stagnating cure rates over the last 15 years. Some types of paediatric malignancies still have no cure, or very low cure rates. Despite this, affected children hardly benefit from innovative therapeutic approaches. Research on these cancers is largely insufficient.


The range of oncology treatment and targeted therapies have been rapidly expanding over the last years.
Children should not be left behind innovative and more efficient treatments.

At the Research & Innovation Pillar
our vision is:

A Europe in which…

…every childhood cancer patient has equal access to innovative new treatments and equal access to participate in clinical trials

research prioritises childhood cancer needs with the goal to increase survival and cure and reduce side-effects and toxicities.

Our mission is to advocate and support actions for innovative clinical trials, for more effective and innovative medications and treatments, to improve cure rates and reduce toxicities.

To achieve this:

  • We participate in scientific societies and organisations authorities
  • We coordinate projects or initiatives also by collaborating with other groups (beyond paediatric oncology) aiming at aligning with all existing stakeholders to create the most favourable environment possible to foster more innovative research projects that answer the most pressing needs of children with cancer
  • We operate at a legislative level to reduce or suppress regulatory and cultural barriers
  • We generate funding opportunities for research and generate data to build a strong strategy that will meet the patients’ needs.
  • We participate in, as well as promote and support CCI-E members participating in, strategic initiatives for new drug developments with multiple stakeholders. We also advocate and work to ensure all patients have equal access to innovation and clinical trials.

Our aims are:

Be a key opinion leader in research and innovation of what needs to be achieved to serve the best interest of young patients with cancer

 Participate in research initiatives and projects

Educate, Learn and Increase Knowledge

Offer a central contact point in Europe for R&I projects in collaboration with academia, regulators, or pharmaceuticals companies

Represent CCI-E Members’ perspective, needs and interests in all actions and projects

Our Team

Research & Innovation team is a dedicated group of volunteers, working towards reaching the pillar’s goal by participating in projects, consultations and events.

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