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Cancer in childhood or adolescence affects not only the patient but the whole family. To make this drastic phase in life as bearable as possible, multidisciplinary cooperation is a precondition. In addition to optimal medical and psychological care, social support is also a very important pillar during the treatment period.

Physical, psychological and social problems can occur not only during intensive treatment, but also years later. The number of late effects increases the longer the oncological disease and treatment occurred. These can vary depending on the type of tumor and treatment. Besides the medical late effects, a wide range of psychosocial problems can also arise and make everyday life even more difficult for patients and their relatives.  Looking at the social dimension, it has been documented that AYAs have a significant risk of becoming unemployed in adulthood and having to claim social benefits. Similarly, Survivors have to fight with an increased risk of living a dependent life, difficulty establishing/maintaining social relationships, less likely to be married/partnered and in a worse economic situation compared to peers. Many reasons to give this important topic a stage.

Join us for an exciting webinar on “Social challenges in Follow-Up care“. Great speakers from different countries will talk about the most important aspects regarding social challenges, like „The right to be forgotten“ and „Social isolation“.  A social work expert and a Patient Advocate will tell us what benefits families are entitled to and how this is related to the residence permit.

Therefore, the webinar is intended for anyone involved with the topic: survivors, their families and friends, health care professionals, and anyone interested.


28. November 2023
17:00 - 18:30
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