In Memoriam:

Honoring Frédéric Arnold

It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart that we announce the sudden passing of Frédéric Arnold, a distinguished member of the CCI Europe Committee. Frédéric left a void that cannot be easily filled, and our organization is mourning the loss of a valued colleague, passionate patient advocate, and a friend.

The CCI Europe Committee is sending you a last farewell:

Dear Frédéric! Lieber Fritz!

Losing you, CCI Europe lost a fierce, tireless patient advocate. But more importantly, we all lost a very dear friend.

You were a very special person for all of us.

Some of us have known you for as long as 20 years. Not only because this is quite a long time, but especially due to the cause that bonded us together and made us start as a Childhood Cancer Community across Europe, our relationship with you was very special from the beginning.

As a founding member of CCI Europe, you were instrumental in shaping the CCI Europe we can all see thriving today. CCI Europe wouldn’t be as it is without your contributions, expertise, knowledge and heart.

You were always precise in content, equipped with such a high level of know-how and you never shied away from controversial discussions and tough conversations.

But you were also very humorous, funny, intelligent and a fast thinker. You were compassionate, empathetic, attentive and therefore always sensed when someone needed anything. On a long day of a conference, you would never pick up lunch just for yourself. You would always make sure that ALL CCI Europe Committee and Team members were well catered for.

Your ability to reflect on situations and emotions created closeness and connection in personal conversations, so we got to know and learn a lot from each other over the years.

Dear Frédéric, Lieber Fritz, we will miss you a lot and will always remember you with the greatest gratitude for everything you have done, given and achieved!

Thank you for everything.

Anita Kienesberger
Luisa Basset-Salom
Michaela Willi
Delphine Heenen
Lejla Kamerić
Harun Šabić
Georgia Kokkinou
Anne Goeres
Tiago Costa
Zuzana Tomášiková

In loving memory of

Frédéric Arnold