Revision of the EU Paediatric and Orphan Regulations: 6 key recommendations for Paediatric Cancers 

In the context of the EU’s Pharmaceutical Strategy, the EU Paediatric and Orphan Regulations are about to be reviewed and address shortcomings identified in a recent evaluation of the European Commission.

Together with SIOP Europe, CCI Europe put forward 6 Key Recommendations for Paediatric Cancers which we hope to see addressed in the revision of the EU legislation on orphan and paediatric medicines to improve access to innovation and medicines for children and adolescents with cancer in Europe.

These recommendations do not need to be limited to the scope of childhood cancer as they are also of relevance to other paediatric life-threatening rare diseases.

The European childhood community also hopes to see these recommendations considered in the implementation of the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe and the revision of Orphan and Paediatric Regulations.

For this reason, we invite you to read the document below and share it with your peers.