Ukraine Emergency Update 14.4.

CCI Europe, in collaboration with St. Jude, SAFER Ukraine and SIOPE, has helped more than 800 childhood cancer patients by translating medical records and/or providing transport in convoys through the Polish border to the Unicorn Marian Wilemski Clinic. To date, approximately 10 convoys arrived at Unicorn Clinic, each containing between 15 and 74 patients, from newborns to 18 years of age, from different regions in Ukraine: Dnipro, Kiev, Kharkiv, Greater Lviv region and more.

After being stabilized in the Unicorn Clinic in Poland, patients were and are being transferred to care destinations in Europe and North America for continued treatment. Following countries already received, or/and are currently receiving patients include Poland, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, Canada and US.

CCI Europe members have welcomed patients and their families, while coordinating and settling all their needs. Weekly CCI Europe meetings with members deemed useful for exchange of experience, sharing tips and highlighting important and essential needs once they arrive.

Even though the government from each country welcoming patients has agreed to cover medical costs associated with continuation of care and treatment, CCI Europe is receiving financial requests that can’t be covered by the respective state.

Last week, in collaboration with our members in France, CCI Europe has financially supported the reunion of a father and a brother with the mother and their child being treated there. Over the last weekend, we have supported another reunification of a grandmother and a brother with the patient in Austria.

In order to coordinate the efforts, CCI Europe has set up a Ukrainian Task Force, consisting of members of CCI Europe committee, including the Chair, president of CCI and CCI Europe’s Director. In order to keep the allocation of the Ukrainian Childhood Cancer Emergency Fund transparent, CCI Europe has also set up a group for handling the incoming financial requests, consisting of a former CCI President, current CCI Europe committee member and a PwC partner, bringing together their expertise and expressing recommendations to the Ukrainian task force within CCI-E.

How to request financial support from the Emergency Fund will soon be published on the website. Please follow for more updates and don’t forget to support the Ukrainian Childhood Cancer Emergency Fund!