Ukraine Emergency Update 21.3.

One month after the invasion of Ukraine, we’re finally taking time for feedback! Starting this week, we will share here a weekly update on the situation and hopefully include some numbers and informative facts. We also set up an unique email address for all your inquiries:

So far, a humanitarian corridor has been set up to allow childhood cancer patients and their families to be evacuated thanks to the tight collaboration between St. Jude Global, SIOPE and CCI Europe. Huge admiration to the extraordinary team at the Unicorn Hospital in Poland for their endless commitment. You can read here about the efforts to provide safe passage for childhood cancer patients and their families out of Ukraine.

We reached out to all our European members in order to be alert and to organize the reception of the Ukrainian patients and their families on a national level. Since then, 8 European countries have welcomed hundreds of young patients, ensuring they all have access to the best possible treatment and care. Our member organisations are also helping out in daily needs such as material requests, translations, travel, housing, etc.

This crisis can only be managed thanks to the huge solidarity that we must keep alive for the coming period. CCI Europe expresses its biggest gratitude towards all members for their enormous organisation and collaboration. We are still in a learning process of fine tuning the crisis management without forgetting about all other young patients and their needs.

CCI Europe has set up the Ukrainian Childhood Cancer Emergency Fund to collect donations and redistribute them according to the main needs. Updated details will be shared soon.

Finally, CCI Europe and CCI have naturally agreed that the European branch should take the lead in managing this Ukrainian crisis on behalf of Childhood Cancer International. In all communication we speak with one voice, as we are one.