11th European Conference on Rare Diseases & Orphan Products (ECRD) 2022


. The ECRD is recognised globally as the largest, patient-led rare disease policy event in which collaborative dialogue, learning and conversation takes place, forming the groundwork to shape goal-driven rare disease policies and allow for important and innovative discussions on a national and an international level to take place. Leading, inspiring and engaging all stakeholders

European Cancer Summit 2022

Brussels , Belgium

European Cancer Summit 2022 16 & 17 November 2022, Brussels & available to join virtually Delivering Effective and Equitable Care Together Every year, at the European Cancer Summit, the European Cancer Organisation brings together leading oncology experts, experienced patient advocates, key opinion leaders, policy makers and politicians to discuss key issues in reducing the burden of cancer,

Advance your Knowldege: Understanding the EU Paediatric and Orphan Regulations

Online Webinar

The CCI Europe European Affairs Pillar Committee has hosted this educational webinar to help the European childhood cancer community in better understanding the EU Paediatric and Orphan Regulations – indeed, this is what children with cancer need to get access to better care! The EU Paediatric and Orphan Regulations are about to be reviewed

Know the basics: What is Cross Border Health Care?

Online Webinar

In this webinar, participants will learn what cross border health care means, why it is important and necessary in the context of Paediatric Oncology and highlight challenges.

Know the basics: What is ERN PaedCan?

Online Webinar

In this webinar, participants will learn why ERNs exist, what ERN PaedCan is, how it operates, whom it should serve and which cases are eligible. It will explain the CPMS and how it works. Registration will be available soon.

13th CCI Europe Conference, Valencia

Valencia , Spain

CCI Europe will host its 13th CCI Europe Conference completely face to face from 10 to 12th May 2023 in Valencia, Spain. This event is once again organized in partnership with SIOP Europe, and as a part of the SIOPE's 4th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Oncology. CCI Europe Conference is open to CCI members around the globe,

Advance your knowledge: What are ESCPs?

Online Webinar

In this webinar, participants will learn what an ESCP is, which ESCP currently exist, why they where developed and how they should be used. Moreover, the webinar will highlight the importance of using standardized treatment protocols, and of sharing expertise and resources between countries. Also, ways will be addressed on how patient organisations can

Webinar: The European Network of Youth Cancer Survivors


EU-CAYAS-NET is a patient advocate-led, EU-funded project under one of the flagship initiatives of Europe‘s Beating Cancer Plan to establish the European Network of Youth Cancer Survivors and to create an interactive virtual Platform for peer support and knowledge exchange. What can you expect from the webinar? An overview of what our project has in

Know the basics: What are essential medicines?

Online Webinar

In this webinar, the participants will learn about essential medicines, what they are, why they are important and which challenges Paediatric Oncology faces in this regard. Moreover, it will address the outcomes of the Essential Medicines Project.   register here

Know the basics: What are the Models of Care in Paediatric Oncology?

Online Webinar

The aim of shared care is to cure every child with cancer, with optimal quality of life. The principle of shared care is close cooperation between a central paediatric oncology expertise centre and local shared care centres, so that the young patient can avoid long distance travels for standard clinical examinations and treatments.