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What’s the situation?

Thanks to great improvements in treatment and care of childhood cancer over the past decades, 80% of all childhood cancer patients in Europe are cured!

However, it´s not over when it´s over!

Therapies may lead to late-effects which are not always known to children and adolescents with cancer. The risk of developing late-effects very much depends on the type of cancer and the treatments received.
Currently 300,000 to 500,000 survivors of childhood cancer are living in Europe. Around 60% of them suffer from physical and psychosocial late-effects of the treatment, like Cardiovascular Problems, Anxiety and Depressions, Fertility impairments and Secondary tumours.

Help us to raise awareness about the needs of survivors and their right for adequate personalised follow-up care, no matter where they live.

Why is your support needed?

We are aiming to present the collected signatures at an event at the European Parliament in March 2020 to emphasise the needs of childhood cancer survivors in Europe.

Only with your signature, we are able to persuade politicians and policy makers to implement adequate care for survivors all over Europe, so they can live their lives to the best quality possible.

Details about the whole campaign:

Healthcare professionals and politicians have to be confronted with and made aware of the issues survivors are facing. Therefore, CCI Europe and the Austrian Childhood Cancer Organisation decided in October 2018, to develop a campaign solely around survivorship. The survivorship campaign was kicked off at the International Childhood Cancer Day in February 2019 and will run until the end of this year.

Concept of the survivorship campaign:

Raise awareness that late-effects might occur, inform about possible late-effects, inform about different projects and initiatives and advocate at different levels to increase the quality of life of survivors.


With the survivorship campaign we aim to reach survivors, healthcare professionals and especially policy makers and politicians.


The campaign is mainly targeted as a social media campaign (Facebook and Twitter). It started off in February 2019, at the International Childhood Cancer Day (15th February). Every day for two weeks one post about survivorship was uploaded on the CCI Europe and the Austrian Childhood Cancer Organisation´s Facebook page to raise awareness about late-effects and long-term follow-up. The campaign was reduced to one post each month from March until August.

The highlight is the launch of two survivorship movies in September which is dedicated as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.


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